Lifespan Licensee Solutions

Our accountant licensing solutions

Lifespan offers a range of accountant licensing options. You’ll be well supported throughout the process with on the ground assistance to help implement the right advice process within your business.

Lifespan licensing options range from the  Access package, which addresses the soon to expire current accountants’ exemption for SMSF advice, through to theAdvantage authority which gives you increased scope to address broader advice needs, and finally our Lifespan accountants Absolute licensing option, giving you full authorised representative status, and empowering accountants to deliver comprehensive advice services in all traditional client advice scenarios.

Flexible Licensing options that meet your needs

Deliver a complete financial advice offer to your clients through the selection of one of three Lifespan advice and support models. Match the offer with our unique aligned adviser “Asset Builder” program. Compare Lifespan licensing options and decide which one is best for you. Change your option at any time.

Lifespan “Access”

Restricted Authority

To replace the current accountant exception. Advice on the establishment, making contributions to, and the closure of, self-managed super funds (SMSF), with a business as usual approach wherever possible.

Lifespan “Advantage”

Strategic Advice

In addition to providing advice on the establishment, making contributions to, and the closure of, self-managed super funds (SMSF), this license provides for strategic investment & risk insurance advice both inside and outside of superannuation.

Lifespan “Absolute”

Full Authorisation – Comprehensive

Comprehensive personal superannuation and SMSF advice (including alternate superannuation products & detailed strategies). Comprehensive, personal investment (non-super) & risk product advice, review and recommendations.

Lifespan would welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements and interested parties should contact the Advice Development team direct on 02 9252 2000.