Referral Arrangements

Referral arrangements

Accountants have a unique relationship with their clients. They are regarded as “trusted adviser” and are often privy to sensitive personal and financial information and have a unique perspective on the needs and opportunities for each of their clients.  Many however lack the resources to deal with financial matters that lie outside the field of traditional accounting advice.

Many specialist full time financial planners within Lifespan are experienced in servicing accounting firms that are not sufficiently resourced to offer additional financial advice assistance to their clients and this provides opportunity for preferred referrer arrangements.

If you feel you may not have the time or capacity to provide financial planning from within your practice then a referrer arrangement with one of Lifespan’s highly qualified advisers would certainly be of benefit to your clients, and your business.

In addition, if your business model is focused on supporting self-managed superannuation funds, and you recognise the need for additional specialist planning support, outsourcing these specialist financial planning services to other aligned advice professionals makes perfect sense.

Referral Solutions for your Clients

A referral arrangement with a Lifespan adviser can facilitate the delivery of complete and comprehensive advice to all clients in need of that extra level of care without costing you any additional expensive outlay in either time or money, and your clients will receive the support they need.

Some of the client service solutions that a Lifespan advisers can provide through you are:

  • Financial Health Checks: to ensure clients are adequately covered and properly structured in order to better achieve their short and long term goals
  • Insurance protection solutions
  • Superannuation and retirement strategies
  • SMSF establishment and administration support
  • Buy/Sell and succession planning solutions
  • Finance: loans, leasing and refinancing options
  • Estate Planning and Aged Care specialists

accountant referrals

There are no additional costs to you in delivering these services to your clients, and you have the potential to develop a significant additional revenue source independent of your accounting work as well as a higher retention rate of your client base by providing much needed additional services to those clients with broader needs.

Reputational Risk

Lifespan realises that your reputation and business is at stake when you refer a client to a third party and we make every effort to ensure you and your clients are satisfied and comfortable with any arrangements at all times. Lifespan empowers firms through the provision of access to a panel of local and regional planners and experts who are able to address the needs of the most discerning client or planning scenario.

If you would like to explore becoming a Lifespan Authorised Accountant or would like to discuss this opportunity in greater detail then please call to speak confidentially with someone from our Advice Development team.