What happens next

What happens next

Lifespan understands advisers, and can help you provide the level of support that best meets your client needs with our range of licensing solutions. You’ll be well supported throughout the growth and development of your business with access to advice support services including:

  • On the ground assistance to help implement the advice process and additional services within your business
  • Initial and ongoing education and compliance support
  • Tools and templates to help implement compliant processes within your practice
  • Access to industry leading investment research and product support
  • Technical resources including our internal adviser help desk, and access to industry specialists
  • Professional development support and peer group forums
  • Financial planning and modelling software
  • Flexible licensing solutions for your business from a long established AFS Licensee allows you to choose the options that you need, without being tied to any prescriptive business model.

Costs and revenue arrangements

Lifespan has a progressive brokerage arrangement which is tailored to reflect the character and scale of your business and can be evaluated upon request from the adviser development team. Lifespan also facilitates and manages referring partner arrangements where fees can be shared based upon the agreement entered into between referring partners and our member offices.

Lifespan offers advisers and accountants the ability to negotiate a competitive arrangement that best meets their needs and current cash flows. Fees can take the form of an agreed adviser / licensee revenue percentage arrangement, a set monthly amount, or as the case for most Authorised Representatives, a combination of both. Monthly fixed fees and cost recovery expenses will include an amount for licensing, and any additional third party expenses which may include:

  • PI insurance,
  • Subscription fees for Kaplan ongoing education, MercerIS research, Strategy Steps technical support services and more,
  • Software (where applicable) should an adviser avail themselves of the discounts offered through Lifespan for planning software.

What happens next

If you would like to explore becoming a Lifespan Authorised Representative or would like to discuss this information in greater detail please call to speak confidentially with someone from our advice development team.