Limited Managed Discretionary Account Service

What is the Limited Managed Discretionary Account Service – LMDA

The LMDA service combines professionally managed Lifespan portfolios and externally constructed Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) portfolios which aim to manage the risk of your portfolio and increase the long term return. The TAA portions of the LMDA portfolios are also supervised and implemented by Lifespan.

The LMDA service is able to retain higher allocations to cash or the underlying assets depending upon relevant market triggers; reducing downside risk and potentially creating *improved long term returns. The LMDA Service answers your needs for a comprehensive and integrated portfolio solution that delivers efficiency and the possibility of *outperformance, especially in times of declining markets.

LMDA-1Tactical Portion

The introduction of the “Tactically” Allocated (TAA) portion of the investment portfolio aims to enhance the asset management process further by incorporating an extra layer of active management. This strategy aims to create extra value for clients by trying to reduce client exposure to risky assets (Shares and Property) at times of market uncertainty which may help mitigate risk as well as by taking advantage of certain situations in the marketplace.

As part of this process we can take higher allocations to cash or fixed interest assets depending upon market triggers. The portfolio will return to its expected asset mix when desired short-term profits or risk mitigation outcomes are achieved. The overall goal of the strategy is to provide higher than average returns with significantly lower volatility, while maintaining a focus on capital preservation above all else.

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* Past performance is not a guide to future performance. 
* Previous outperformance was the result of certain market factors and events that may not be replicated in the future.


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