Limited advice

Limited advice

Limited advice allows you to access cost effective financial advice specific to what’s most important to you right now. Whether you have questions around your level of insurance cover, how to deal with a sudden windfall, or need to deal with a loved one requiring aged care – accessing financial advice limited to specific issues is a very practical way to deal with the event at hand.

Our financial planning services allow you to access cost-effective advice in several specific areas of interest.

1. Insurance – if you are uncertain of your insurance needs and how best to pay for the premiums, we can provide you with tailored advice on how to best protect your family and your assets in the event of something unexpected happening. Our services will establish the types and levels of cover required, and work with you to deliver cost effective cover that ensures your future and that of your family.

2. Investments – the impacts of taxation on your current earnings as well as the possible future sale of assets can have a dramatic effect on the final value of your future investments. By taking into consideration your short and long term goals as well as your tolerance to investment risk we can help you develop the right strategies to maximise your returns and ensure your are using the right investment approach.

3. Superannuation & Retirement – whether you are looking to maximise your retirement savings, commence an accountant based pension or just ensure you are taking advantage of some of the more worthwhile and accessible savings strategies we can help you adopt the right approach to retirement planning.

4. Aged Care – whether you’re dealing with a loved one or face the prospect of finalising your own needs we can assist you in addressing all areas of aged care. Our tailored advice and placement services will take you through a step by step approach that meets the needs of all parties concerned.

5. Inheritance or Redundancy – whether we help you with a windfall or support you through the loss of employment, we can give you the necessary knowledge to make the right choices about your future well-being and take some of the worry away about your financial future.

Lifespan can also offer you comprehensive advice that takes into consideration many of the above elements, and clients are well advised not to look at these each item in isolation as success in one area can impact the results in another. To find out more visit our page on comprehensive advice or talk to us today about your needs.

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