Money + Life

Securing your financial future

Life is paved with many defining moments, and while some events can be anticipated, and others even expected, there is no doubt that behind every turn there lies an opportunity or risk.

While planning can play its part, no one has the foresight to prepare for every life event, be it a joyous experience or misadventure. With the right plan in place however, you can go forward with confidence. At Lifespan we are here to help; with careful personal assessment, the right measure of information, some tailored advice, and a genuine interest in helping you achieve your financial goals.

money and life


In the following section we hope to provide you with some simple information to get you started on establishing your own plans to help safeguard your family’s future for the years ahead.

Having a plan

It’s often been said that the average Australian spends more time planning their annual holiday, than planning for a more secure financial future.

Yet it’s been proven that having a financial plan in place at any age can help secure your financial independence, provide peace of mind and ensure you are free to enjoy a long and rewarding future. … .  more

The value of advice

Every investor will have a different perspective on what constitutes value.

What is perceived and stated as valuable for one may not necessarily be of value to another. Clients often need to look beyond pure dollars and cents and weigh the costs of advice against the peace of mind, discipline and structure, and greater certainty of a secure financial future… .  more

The financial planning process

The development of a holistic financial plan follows a clear set of steps to help discover your current financial situation and a clear understanding of your future goals and objectives. Your adviser will help you understand the basic principles to be applied, address any questions or doubts you may have regarding the process and their qualifications, and encourage you to ask questions to help you better understand what lies ahead … .  more

Understanding Investments

Successful investing has very little to do with luck.

A shrewd investor takes the time to understand some basic investment principles, develops an understanding of their risk tolerance, and puts a plan in place to achieve their desired goals and objectives… .  more

Investing in the share market

A career for some, a hobby for others; many of us already hold an investment in shares.

Recent market events clearly illustrate the dangers associated with entering into equity markets without a level head and a planned approach. New hybrid products and leveraged investments only add complexity and volatility to common investment strategies… . more

Thinking of investing in property ?

Australia’s love affair with real estate raises some unique risks.

Investing in property offers the opportunity to leverage hard earned savings, receive regular income payments and reap the benefits of potential capital gain over a mid to longer term time period. It’s also a strategy that raises some unique investment risk considerations . . . . more

Buying your first home

Saving for your first home can be a daunting prospect.

Owning your own home gives you the chance to put down roots, providing you with a sense of security and the opportunity to add value through your efforts in renovation, reaping the rewards that can result . . . . more

Starting a family

Are you ready for the extra responsibilities?

The arrival of children brings enormous change to our lives. Starting a family, whether planned or unexpected, presents its own unique set of financial challenges . . . . more

Protecting what matters most

It’s not only you that can be hurt in an accident.

Without adequate protection, the wealth you have built up, or have the potential to build, can deplete quickly, putting more pressure on loved ones at an already difficult time. The future loss of the family home and the inability to provide for your childrens’ education are just two of the likely outcomes . . . . more

Dealing with separation or divorce

Separation and divorce impacts every aspect of your family’s life.

The division of assets, including the family home and superannuation investments, often results in both parties experiencing undue stress and possible hardship. Knowing your options, and having the right strategies in place will ensure that family members are cared for, even in this most stressful of times . . . . more

Maximising your superannuation

Don’t leave your future to chance, take a genuine interest in your superannuation.

Australians are now living longer and many are beginning to realise that they have insufficient savings to fund the kind of retirement they’d planned for. To avoid this happening to you, it is crucial that you start planning for your years in retirement now . . . . more

Nearing retirement

Even in your later years, boosting savings can make a noticeable difference.

How much will be enough? Ten years out from retirement is a key time to take advantage of some of the government endorsed strategies that can make a meaningful difference to the amount of savings you can build as you approach retirement. . . . . more

Retirement and beyond

Life begins at 60+…. . . will you be living your great Australian dream ?

The average Australian’s life expectancy now offers the opportunity for retirement to last over 30 years. Whilst you can’t determine your date of departure from this world, it’s relatively simple to work out how long your money is likely to last and take action now . . . . more

Aged care for you or a family member

The government provides substantial assistance with the cost of age care.

For those who are unable to live independently the most popular facilities are low care hostels and high care nursing homes, most of which are government funded. Aged care can be overwhelming to most people left unprepared, getting a better understanding of all the options is a good start. . . . . more

Leaving your estate to the ones you love

Look beyond a will if you care about your loved ones.

Estate planning is a lot more than simply having a will. Estate planning involves detailed and careful consideration of all future entitlements, and the understanding of how best to distribute your assets and investments to family members and loved ones . . . . more

Don’t lose a lifetime of work

What happens to your business if you or your partner can’t turn up for work tomorrow?   

Whether you lose the rain maker, or the decision maker, your business is unlikely to recover quickly, and in certain outcomes it’s even possible that your business may never recover at all. Protect your business’s largest asset . . . . more



Disclaimer: The material provided in these pages is provided for information only and constitutes general financial product advice. It does not take into account your personal financial situation, objectives and needs. Consequently before acting upon the information in these pages you should consider its appropriateness to your financial situation, and seek professional personal advice where ever possible.