Lifespan Invest for Advisers

Lifespan Invest is an easy-to-understand, low-cost investment solution where your clients, prospective clients, or direct investors, can access professionally managed investment solutions at the click of a button. Lifespan Invest is a quality investment solution for those for whom personal advice is either out of reach or not required right now. By providing access to Lifespan Invest, your practice can connect and engage with a new audience of direct investors and clients for whom advice affordability is currently a barrier.

We offer six portfolios, which are based on your client’s appetite for risk, preferred investment style, targeted return, and investment objectives. Each portfolio caters to the needs of conservative, balanced, or growth-centric investors who want a portfolio with either low, medium to high, or high levels of risk and return.

For each of these risk/return portfolios, there is the option of investing in either the Dynamic strategy which uses a combination of index and active fund managers, or the Index strategy which uses predominantly index funds.

After doing their research, investors simply choose the portfolio that best suits their risk profile and time horizon. Once they have opened their account, they will have access to their portfolio on-demand, where they can access their portfolio balance, keep up to date regarding changes we make to the portfolio, as well as exclusive access to a wealth of informative investor education and financial wellbeing material. 

Watch the introductory video below, and find out more about Lifespan Invest here.

Lifespan Invest is promoted by Lifespan Financial Planning ACN 065 921 735, AFSL 229892; and administered by OpenInvest Limited ACN 614 587 183 via the OpenInvest Portfolio Service ARSN 628 156 052.
This video provides factual information about the service, and any general advice contained does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making any investment decision, please review the PDS and Target Market Determination (available at
Should you require assistance in determining whether an investment in the service is right for you, you may wish to seek personal advice from an appropriately licensed financial adviser.