For Advisers

Your partner of choice

Lifespan’s success is founded on a practical and friendly working partnership with advisers and accountants which is characterized by a strong service and support culture. Lifespan is large enough to provide the full range of services you would expect from a reputable licensee, yet dynamic and flexible enough to meet advisers’ individual expectations.

IFA Dealergroup finalist_2

Lifespan is delighted to announce that we have recently been selected as a finalist for the Dealership of the Year in the IFA Excellence Awards for 2015.

Lifespan strives to be a partner of choice working hand in hand with advisers and accountants to build successful businesses through the provision of quality tailored services and support, financial products and education that builds successful practices and enhances the overall experience of all involved.

Lifespan prides itself in giving advisers and accountants access to friendly, comprehensive support and advice services featuring:

    • A broad choice of industry leading product solutions
    • A responsive and robust compliance framework
    • Access to the best solutions for you and your clients, whatever their individual needs
    • Assistance in maximising your personal and business potential

What do we stand for ?

In an industry mostly controlled by large institutions, our mission is to support and encourage advisory and accountant businesses keen to maintain their individuality, focusing on the provision of tailored services that enrich the client experience.

Professional client/adviser relationships are promoted, with our philosophy based on the belief that experienced professional advisers will generally provide better and more appropriate advice than advisers who are strongly influenced by restricted product choices and institutionally instigated sales incentives. Everything we do flows from this premise.