2021 A Year in Review

Taking a look back at the highlights of 2021 for Lifespan Financial Planning, and the industry. 

We are nearly there. With 2021 rapidly coming to a close, it is worth reflecting on the challenges that we all faced this year, but also keep in mind, the hope that we all should have for the future of our emerging profession. This time last year, we couldn’t wait until the year had come to a close, believing that 2021 had to have much more in store for us than just legislative overwhelm and continued challenges in delivering advice affordability. Unfortunately, it probably didn’t live up to the hype!

But there were definitely some highlights for Lifespan Financial Planning, as showcased in this fabulous showreel.

You can also click here for this article, Reflections on 2021 by Eugene Ardino, as published in the Financial Standard.

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