Building a thriving financial advice business

Lifespan Live: Episode 2 – Building a thriving advice business of the future

In the latest podcast episode of Lifespan Live, Michael Gershkov, Lifespan National Practice Manager, has an engaging conversation with Kris Meuwissen, owner and adviser at Wealtheon, a financial planning practice based in north-western Victoria.

Kris shares his insights into how the past 12-18 months has shaped his advice business to thrive, through embracing technology, and seeking the counsel of others, to help deliver a quality advice experience for Wealtheon clients.

We’re really trying to roll with the punches… We’re trying to make the client experience as amazing as possible with the tools and resources that we have.”, Kris says.

Embracing technology prior to the latest COVID-19 disruption, Kris has found that clients have also adapted well to interacting virtually over the past 12-18 months. It also has helped to streamline the advice experience for clients. Kris remarks, “We can utilise some of the best technology in the market, put it in front of clients, without having to send documents and wait for their return.”

The success and growth of Wealtheon, however hasn’t just come down to choosing the right technology solutions. As a small business owner, Kris has ensured that he has a good network from which to bounce ideas off and gain insights both personally and professionally.

You’re one of my first points of call Michael. You’ve been a mentor of mine for a long, long time, but I seek advice from a lot of different people.

I’ve actually been focusing quite a lot around seeking some counsel from people like psychologists… trying to understand, a little bit more how my client thinks. How I can actually get them to communicate what they value out of life to make the advice process better for them.”

We would like to thank Kris for joining us for this episode of the Lifespan Live Podcast series.

You can listen to this podcast here. (21 minutes duration).

Lifespan Live: Episode 2 – Building a thriving advice business of the future

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